Flashes get first win, 58-55

Montia Johnson put back a missed shot with 5 seconds to go to give Kent State a 58-55 victory over Belmont Tuesday. It was KSU’s first win of the season.
Larissa Lurken had a career-high 20 points, including two key three-point shots in the second half.
Cici Shannon equaled her season high with 17 points and had seven rebounds. Johnson had 11 points. Point guard Mikell Chinn had 10 assists.
The win gives Kent State a 1-3 record. The team plays next against Texas-Corpus Christi at 6 p.m. Friday in the Cal Poly Holiday tournament.


One comment

  1. goldenflash101

    Great hustle and determination today. Lurkin scored 8 in the first half without a 3. A great sign. She then buried her four threes in the 2nd half to have a great game. CiCi was CiCi. Scored her points but was 6/14 and failed to get off some shots she should have. Some things won’t change but she got us 17 tonight so one of her better efforts. Johnson had a good game with 11 with some of the biggest points during the game. The freshman center is really struggling and looks totally lost. It’s going to up to Shannon and Montia to carry this team inside until the freshman figures it out. Ridout got 22 minutes and was 3/4 with one three. I did not pay attention to her defense very much but unless it’s horrendous she needs to play 20 or so to provide some outside shooting. Stubbs and White were 1/10 and I am pretty sure they will be most nights. By the way if Belmont is the favorite in OVC I hate to see the other teams. Hopefully for them it was just one of those games.


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