A four-quarter game

Women’s college basketball this year will play four 10-minute quarters instead of two halves.

KSU coach Danny O’Banion said at the team’s preseason press conference that she thought it will be good for the women’s games — branding itself somewhat differently than the men’s game.

She said the change will mean some difference in strategy. There will be one media timeout per quarter after five minutes, but a team timeout within 30 seconds of that time will count as the media timeout. That means teams could play in stretches as long as seven minutes, compared with the media timeouts every four minutes in previous years. It means conditioning and depth will be more important. With a 15-person roster for the first time in years, Kent could be helped by that.

Other rule changes:

  • After the first four fouls of a quarter, teams will shoot two shots — no more one-and-one. If a team is in the bonus at the end of regulation, it will continue in the bonus in overtime.
  • Timeouts in the last minute of a game will work as they do in the NBA and WNBA. Teams can take a timeout and advance the ball to the sideline in front of the bench, 28-feet from the basket, instead of having to go the full length of the court. That goes whether a team takes the ball out of bounds, gets a rebound or steals the ball.
  • Coaches’ timeouts have been reduced from five to four, with three carrying over to the second half. (True in men’s games, too.)
  • A coach can’t call a timeout while the clock is moving. (Also true in men’s games.)
  • When a player fouls out, a coach will have 15 seconds from the time to put in a substitute. Coaches who take longer will be assessed a technical. (Same for men.)
  • The 10-second clock to get the ball past half court will not be reset on most balls knocked out of bounds, unless the team on offense takes a time out. (Same for men.)
  • The circle under the basket where an offensive player can’t be called for charging is a foot bigger. (Same for men)
  • The five-second “closely guarded” turnover won’t be called if a player is dribbling. (Same for men.)
  • A post defender can put her forearm or an open hand with a bend in the elbow on an offensive post player with the ball whose back is to the basket. (Only women’s game.)
  • Bands can play any time the clock is stopped (not just at timeouts or halftime). (Only women.)

The women’s shot clock remains at 30 seconds. The men’s shot clock is reduced to 30 seconds from 35 this season.

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