Flashes host Akron at 2 Saturday

I’m still under the weather, so this will be a very short preview of the game with a couple of links.

Really what you need to know is this:

10 days ago Kent State led Akron by 11 points at halftime. Everything went right. Jordan Korinek dominated inside.

Kent State lost that game by 12. Everything went wrong in the last 14 minutes. Akron double and triple teamed Korinek in the post and shut her down. And KSU self destructed with turnovers.

That’s sort of the second half of the KSU season. There has been some very good play. When Korinek is on and not in foul trouble, Kent can be a good team. But the Flashes haven’t shown enough consistency to be a winning team.

Let’s hope they can Saturday.

The game is at 2 p.m. at the MAC Center.

Here are links to the previews on the Kent State and Akron websites. Media information is in the KSU link.





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